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11 July 2006 @ 17:11

Chocolate Chip ESP

Driving home from work yesterday, I had this happy baking feeling. Thoughts of icing-topped cupcakes and chocolate chip cookies danced through my head. Then I get home and voila! the Beloved has made a batch of giant chocolate chip cookies - half in the cupcake tins and half in the heart-shaped, mini springform pans. Chocolate chip cupcakes! I think that's the best kind of ESP.

Making slow progress on the quilt for babysocks - so much fun to embroider while half-watching Antiques Roadshow and ghastly Hell's Kitchen episodes. I've used one of the stiches from sharonb's 100 details/100 days. Of course, lacking beads and straightness (oops!) it's not nearly so pretty, but I'm having fun. Lots to learn! Pictures coming tomorrow.

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