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03 July 2006 @ 17:50

Dragonflies and Hedgehogs

Here's a sample of my weekend project! This is a sample from Babysocks' quilt, and I'm especially fond of the teeny hedgehog.

I'm currently working on two baby-sized crazy quilts, one for Babysocks and another for Moppet. This is the most progress I've made in the past few months - mostly they're still in pristine stacks of fabric, lace, and embroidery floss. In my mental drawing-board the quilts are sort-of garden themed, and I have the urge to give them titles like, "Evening/Morning in the garden with dragonflies/butterflies and hedgehogs." Except that these will only be my 3rd and 4th quilts EVER - and also my first crazy quilts ever - so titling seems a bit pretentious, ne?

Babysocks' quilt is for "Evening," being cool-colored with a lavender flannel as center and outer border - and dragonflies. Moppet's quilt is "Morning" with rose and green colors and cucumber flannel - and butterflies. And now hedgehogs, since I discovered a sweet little pattern at the craft store on Friday.

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