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24 July 2006 @ 11:20

Moppet alert!

Hey-ho, Moppet is on her way into the world this morning! My sister called this morning just before my alarm clock, and my sleep-fuzzed brain only grasped the gist of our conversation:

L'Ange: On our way to the hospital...sleep-fuzz, mumble mumble...baby's coming...
Slothgirl: Baby's coming! Yay!
L'Ange: Yay! sleep-fuzz, mumble mumble...and then in recovery for two hours...sleep-fuzz, mumble mumble...call Mom and Dad.
Slothgirl: Baby's coming! Yay!

And after staring blankly at my phone for several minutes, I tried to figure out if I was supposed to call our parents, or if she was now calling our parents. Just to be safe, I called and spoke with my mom - who sounded equally sleep-fuzzed - and then crawled out of bed to start my day. My dad called back to find out what the message was, since having been filtered through me and then my mom, the only message he got was, "Baby's coming!"

In crafty news, I finished another panel for one of the baby quilts this weekend and am plotting out next steps. Pictures tomorrow, I think.

The pic included with this post shows a postcard I made last week for some friends in Colorado. We worked together in Japan, and I was thinking about how green the late summer rice fields are at this time of year, the swarms of dragonflies during the day and fireflies at night... Also had Nick Drake's "Pink Moon" running in a loop through my head.

pinkmoon, originally uploaded by lemonsugar.

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