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07 August 2006 @ 18:09

Rain, Racism, and Destruction

Crazy, lightning-flinging, wind-blasting storms rolled around all weekend. We almost had a hurrican-force storm plop overhead on Friday - and let me tell you, driving around in that after work was not fun. I pulled into a gas station after the world turn into white water and wind, only to flee as the overhead covering swayed alarmingly in the wind - then pulled around into the lee of a building only to watch powerlines come crashing down. Yikes! Finally made it to my destination: new training for a community dialogue on racism. I've already started a new group at the local PBS station - it'll be an interesting 6 weeks.

Most of the weekend was full of destruction, as we tackle renovations for my in-laws' house. I got to play with a sledgehammer on Saturday, it was most useful in releasing pent-up tensions. Most of Sunday was dusty, and we made progress prepping two bedrooms for painting. Also pulled up carpets - the beloved will be laying new subfloors soon...

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